Journal- 9/30/08

Feel Good Music Pt. 1
Remember those days when you’d turn on the radio and your favorite song was on? Well actually most songs back then could easily become your favorite song because it was all “feel-good” music. As I type this, I’m listening to Donell Jones’s song “Where I Wanna Be” and I can’t help but cheese because I remember being around 6 when this song came out. Whenever I hear it, my mind flashes back to those days when music like this made your heart and head spin, giving you a feeling that “things were gonna get beter”. Not to down current music, but nowadays, I don't get that feeling inside, that feeling that only music made for the soul could really envoke. For the sake of time, I'll stop here, but listen to SOME of the songs I've compiled that go to back then, of course I haven't finished them yet...






Coo-coo for Coco!

OMG, i thought im loved Coco rocha before, but now i love her even more. She has personality!


Fashion Month!

It's September and this is one of my fave months not only because my mom and brother's birthday are in this month, but because: it's Spring Fashion Month aka September. Right now it's Fashion week in Milan, and since I'm not quite out there on the catwalks yet, i use the net as my source. New York Magazine's fashion section always gives great coverage along with style.com and the others.
Anyway! My faves are below

Zac Posen= Pure Genius, I can see why Diddy is his backer. The collection offers lots of diversity (ruffles to sequins to animal prints), all while showing the creative cohesiveness that we've come to expect from the Central Saint Martins (John Galliano and other greats, alumni)Parson's (Marc Jacobs, alumni) student.

My particular favorites are the dresses worn by Anna Gushina at 00:48,Jourdan Dunn whose at 00:32, Lakshmi Menon at 00:57, and Han Jin at 1:06 and Jessica Stam at 00:53(I love Stammy!),the face of the video. And even though I'm not crazy aabout the dress she wore, i have to note that Coco Rocha was (is and always will be) awesome.
Zac Posen is definitely on my list of dream designers.


Another update,

check the last few songs



it's basically these(this playlist is so not finished yet)



ps i don't know what tokio hotel is doing in this one

No one on the corner has swagger like her...

M.I.A. is the different type of music the world needs, new spin on music, when i first heard her song boyz in Jean Paul Gaultier's fall 08 show (or maybe it was spring) i decided she was high on my list of faves...

Paper Planes - M.I.A.

my favorite songs by her are Bamboo Banga and Boyz.

i can't wait for her to come out with new songs, that might be a while because she might have her baby soon...

Either way, i look forward to what she's coming up with next

Playlist Update!




I heart Italy

In honestly don't know what brough this up, but I wanted to put this here. even though I'm Nigerian, i love italian culture...

I love italian food...Photobucket
Italian fashion... Photobucket(yes that's gucci--milan fashion week starts next week!)
Italian men...(sorry, any picture I put up here would have caused some trouble)
Italian architecture...Photobucket
So I'm learning the language, click here to one fo the ways


Playlist update!




Podcasting my way to fashion week

This is how I'm doing it!

Podcasting my way to fashion week

This is how i'm doing it

~~~~~~~~Journal 9/16/08~~~~~~~~~

Photobucket (Those are the lucky girls)
Okay, so I just finished watching the latest episode of Model.Live on vogue.tv. And I don't know what to say...it was really good, but something's wrong with me right now...

Yesterday when I was walking down to my house from the bus stop (I was returning from VOX), it was maybe 8:30, dark outside. It was a two mile walk...or maybe something like that, I could be exaggerating. I was walking, and I realized that
X-thousand miles away a model was walking a runway in London (it's fashion week!). The footsteps I took, she took too. The breaths I took, she took too...but I was merely trying to get home to finish my homework, and she was getting paid, possibly more famous in the industry...
Photobucket (this is some girl at an Allegra Hicks show, I don't know what season nor who she is but i love the dress)

Instantly I fixed my posture, and re-positioned my bag as if it were an Hermes Birkin, and lengthened my already-graceful stride. As I walked up and down the hilly sidewalk, I knew she (the unknown model in london right now, my competition) wasn't putting as much effort into her catwalk as I was in mine. Thank God I'm in shape because most people would've been huffing and puffing..but I was just strutting and strutting.
I created my own wind...something she couldn't...the designer she was walking for was probably trained in couture so she would have been wearing a chignon, no wind in her hair. I kept my saunter, I wonder what the people driving by me thought, no they weren't cars, they were flashbulbs, capturing my first show. I stole a page from Chanel Iman's (I heart her too!) book and winked at Anna Wintour. She slid her shades to the bridge of her nose and winked at me too. Something, she never does...that means she likes me...she winked...oh wait darn! It was just a mailbox, and incredibly shiny at that. I could see my house now, that means its almost the end of the runway. I got closer and closer to my front porch...closer and closer to the end of the platform. I stopped in front of the door, I stopped at the end and posed for 3 seconds. I turned the doorknob, I turned around with absolutely no difficulty and strutted back. I walked up to my room-my mom told me I had to do the dishes, I was backstage again-everyone told me how good I was out there. In both, realities I looked at my mirror and smiled...this time next year...I'll do just that...and it won't be just a fantasy...

(I hope!)

I just wanna play my music!!!!!!!!

This is my playlist, it's not nearly finished but we'll call this a first draft. It's mostly r&b, one of my fave. genres but there are some other ones that I love...expect more



VOGUE September 2008 Ad Analyses

I am currently in a love affair with dark eyes and red lips, so I adore the makeup used in this Bebe Fall 2008 Ad campaign.
Though some of the clothes are clearly a reflection of Miuccia Prada’s black lace, there is a touch of unique girliness in the two dresses in this picture.
I love that they used those whip-things (which I can’t remember the name of at the moment) because it adds a lot of femme fatale to the shots and is putting that equestrian-fetish concept to great use. Their Bebe Sport line is really nice too, and I their shoes!
(it sucks that the size of this blog won't let you see the whole thing)

Vogue September 2008

(I actually am not a big fan of this cover though, the outfit doesn't work for me, I prefer this one) Photobucket.

In my 15 years of life, the best 5 dollars I’ve ever spent went to American Vogue’s fall fashion September 2008 issue. “798 pages of brilliant fall fashion” is a wonderful and precise description of the mag, seeing as how it was bigger than some of my textbooks. I loved the editorials; my favorite being Sasha Pivovarova’s Alexander McQueen spread (I heart Sasha!!!!!) and Caroline Trentini’s graceful poses with the Billy Elliot boys. But of course, I can’t forget what made up at least half of the issue and what I truly study, the ADS!!!!!!!!


(Super) Natural?


It's so great that I can turn this blog into something good because I get a grade for it in one of my classes, so when I'm on the net and my parents complain I can say"hello, it's a grade!" And in that same class I get to write about fashion and style in addition to writing for it at another newspaper. I have so many plans for my section! (or maybe I should say our because I have a partner...) But I'd like to call it the "Jaguar Trend Report" (in honor of our mascot) or the Fashion Fix or something creative
Speaking of fashion in school, Gossip Girl premiered this Monday and (gasp) I missed it because I was out shopping. But whatever, it's whatever. ...But I can't wait to actually see what happens this season because I heard Michael Kors is guest-starring and it would be great to see him on tv besides on Project Runway.I'm obsessed with the dresses and fur coats from his fall/winter 08/09 collection.

During Labor Day weekend, I slept over my cousin's other cousin's house. Even though half the people there were strangers to me seeing as how we're distantly related and the next youngest person there was my brother,almost 19, I felt so comfortable and I had so much fun with them. But one of them told me about this called Blink. He explained that it's great for marketing so I should read it but also, it gives you another way of thinking. Thinking about things like natural phenomena which might seem unexplained, but nowadays it slowly makes sense to me.

This isn't meant to offend anyone because the following events are tragedies and I hope for the best for all victims but
  • Hurricane Katrina- New Orleans (I heard) was like sin city, you know with all the voodoo and the Mardi-Gras x-rated activities, so for something to come and completely wipe out the city, couldn't have been all coincidental.
  • The China earthquake, I don't mean to be a Sharon Stone but what if it was because of the whole "free Tibet" thing...?
Am I right? Am I being a cynic or am I completely off?

Whatever...can't wait for next Monday... : )