Journal 11/6/08-What You Gonna Do Now, Dubya?

Honestly. What's he going to do with himself now? Now that he's made an international fool of himself. I seriousy doubt he can return to being governor of Texas or whatever he was doing before he was President. In fact, I don't think he can hold any type of government seat because we see that he's failed to work under pressure. The funny thing is that I don't even think he's a bad guy, he was just put in the wrong position and shouldn't have been President. The thing about being President is that he's not really making any of his own decisions, it's his administration that fed him his speeches, all he had to do was deliver them. Too bad he wasn't a former actor like Reagan to actually deliver them well. So while he was president, what did he actually do himself? Aside from horribly flubbing the english language and other languages, making up his own words, and making false promises, he was made a Political Whipping Boy. So what can he do? Let's see, horrible communication skills, bad fashion sense...and to think... he used to be kind of handsome, questionable work habits... Could he flip fries at a fast food chain?
No, I think you have to have common sense for that...
Looks like it's back to the farm for the ol' boy.



Couture and the Campaign

Arguably, Michelle Obama has taste and great style. Though this Narciso Rodriguez dress didn't fit her very well beacuse it wasn't made for her, it was tasteful featuring red, a big color this spring, and I think the dress was very well executed with a great texture. I like the fact that she doesn't limit herself to wearing the well-known designers Calvin Kein but also wears indie designers like Thakoon Panichgul and was daring enough to wear a controversial tunic-and-leggings ensemble and even an off-the-rack dress. Even her Barack's been making waves in fashion. It's great to have a First Family with style, no?
It hasn't sunk in yet that less than 24 hours ago, I watched this man make history. I guess I haven't yet realized what thiis means, but I know I'm proud because I had tears in my eyes when that "Breaking News" screen flashed on CNN. What makes me even happier is that from Australia to Japan to the UK, other people celebrated with America as change arrived on our horizon. I'm still shocked that I got teary eyed because I didn't think I cared that much, but I was happy for him. Because I realize how his dreams had come true and how his name will never be forgotten. This man, son of an immigrant (yes that's him and his dad), defeated the odds, and I was there to see it all. No, it hasn't hit me just how big this is...