Fashion Month!

It's September and this is one of my fave months not only because my mom and brother's birthday are in this month, but because: it's Spring Fashion Month aka September. Right now it's Fashion week in Milan, and since I'm not quite out there on the catwalks yet, i use the net as my source. New York Magazine's fashion section always gives great coverage along with style.com and the others.
Anyway! My faves are below

Zac Posen= Pure Genius, I can see why Diddy is his backer. The collection offers lots of diversity (ruffles to sequins to animal prints), all while showing the creative cohesiveness that we've come to expect from the Central Saint Martins (John Galliano and other greats, alumni)Parson's (Marc Jacobs, alumni) student.

My particular favorites are the dresses worn by Anna Gushina at 00:48,Jourdan Dunn whose at 00:32, Lakshmi Menon at 00:57, and Han Jin at 1:06 and Jessica Stam at 00:53(I love Stammy!),the face of the video. And even though I'm not crazy aabout the dress she wore, i have to note that Coco Rocha was (is and always will be) awesome.
Zac Posen is definitely on my list of dream designers.

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