Chrianna At Large


Rihanna's dress is so cute(for lack of a word other than chic), I've being daydreaming about it since the 5 minutes ago when I saw it. I wouldn't have thought to wear Converse though because I really don't wear sneakers. But I love this look, casual chic and it looks put together so effortlessly. I love Rihanna. I love CB, and I love them together...if only they'd admit it.


(I kind of think it looks better from the side)
But let's analyze this dress...sorry, my mind is still in school mode...the stripes, the shape, the cute little part in front, (from the side its like a little bow) I love this dress...now i'm on the chase to find it...or at least a copy...if you find one please tell me where you got it from. I'll be a mess till i get the dress.

J/K : )


Oops I did it again

Once again, less than ten seconds. I daydreamed again instead of paying attention...can you see that I have a problem? Whatever...I guess....so this is my actual submission (the one I like)

Teen Vogue Contest

Today, I entered the the Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest. Again. It's only my second, but it happened completely on accident. You see, I hated my first because of the background, so I took another picture with this gorgeous background (its my profile pic, it sucks that it couldn't be bigger). I wanted to get another entry, so I was going to do the tell-a-friend thing and receive one. Well, me being a daydreamer, my mind was on something completely different and I went on auto-pilot as I entered. When the thank-you for entering page came up...I realized, darn* . I did it again. This is it...
Vote for me! Or comment or something, whatever, I just want that photo shoot, maybe it'll help me get into this addictive, bad-for-you, wonderful industry that I can't stop fantasizing about.

*words have been changed to protect my integrity(and to help me stop cursing)

Heaven on Heels: Giambattista Valli's Black Strapped Platforms

Ode to shoe

Giambattista Valli shoe,you are ridiculously...(for lack of a better word) gorgeous. I saw you during my weekly google search for a desktop image. Last week it was the May 2007 U.S. Vogue cover. This week, it's you, you beautiful G.V. creation. Where have you been all of my [fashion] life? With your fantasy couture style, and soft obviously-expensive exterior. . .you complete me (for the next few minutes at least)


My name is Mo, this is my first post as a blogger. Due to my fifteen-year-old budget I do not have a good camera other than the one on my phone, which kind of sucks. So forgive me for not posting evidence of my own fashion sense all the time.