In the Spirit of New Beginnings...

As stated in my header, I am in love with Christ. I'll say [or type] again; I'm in love with Him! And I choose to glorify Him in all avenues of my life, which will now include this blog.

Christ and the City Girl

In prepping for college, I've been putting together several looks for a new life on campus [you'll see it on my Polyvore], but I've also been gearing up to be active in campus ministry by reading the Fuel and the Flame, a book that speaks on how to be passionate for Christ on campus. For one thing, I would definitely recommend it as a fun yet inspiring read. I'm just a few chapters in and I'm reluctant to put it down!

To go with this, I encourage myself as well as readers [whoever you may be] to also read Passion Magazine. A Christian web mag for teen girls. Its blog is also filled with personal musings of other daughters of Christ.

I seriously hope and pray that you will check it out [as well as the aforementioned book] and be blessed!

xoxo Mo