The Umbrella Movement, Early Stages

Regardless of political stance, one can't help but be in awe of the passion and creativity displayed by activists of the Occupy Central/Umbrella Movement.

I visited the camp in it's earlier stages and here are some of the significant visuals and moments I found. 

A participatory reflection wall

Attendees of a "mobile democracy classroom"

A recycling station, as one activist and recycler chats with a touring family 

Climb over stations where participants help anyone, curious tourists, over barricades to stroll through campgrounds 

Many umbrellas and supplies, readily available should participants need food or shelter 

After this visit, I was truly amazed! It reminded me of the kind of community the Bible describes in Acts:2, where people are selflessly committed to serving each other as they strive towards a goal. It's quite true that at the heart of this movement is a desire for love and peace in Hong Kong and it's relationship with China. 

Note: anti-Occupy protesters began attacking the camp the day after these photos were taken. I'm happy I got to capture this beforehand.

Thanks for reading!