I Want You.

from style.com
Dearest Dress,
I feel it's important to let you know that I am obsessed with you.
Ever since I spotted you in the Valentino Spring 2010 RTW show, I've been unable to dream without envisioning [wearing] you. You might like to know that I've thought of the many ways I could wear you. Belted; maybe a skinny belt to cinch the waist? Or, for winter, with a trench coat, tights and only shoes that might compliment your exquisite structure...

Or maybe that would be an injustice.

Because you are perfect. I also think it's fate that Frida Gustavsson, the Swedish sweetheart is a favorite model of mine, was chosen to showcase you to the world. Your nude coloring is one that can compliment any skin-tone, and I'm sure that your ruffled physique would look good on any physique (a girl with a tomboy shape would appear perfectly curvy, or a voluptuous belle could benefit from you accenting her outlines.) To the world, Dress, you are part of a legacy of beautiful robes, but to me, you are a creation unmatched by any other garment.

I hope this isn't too forward, but maybe you could mention to your owners at Valentino that you would like to come live with me forever?

Until then,
xoxo Mo