PAD2014: Day 88

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

I got to spend a weekend with a group of quirky innovators I am launching a startup with. This is the view from our mentor's house. Inspiring! 

PAD2014: Day 87

Today's photo commemorates the opening of USC's historic Upper Room, dedicated to prayer and action for what God is doing at USC and all over the world!  

The room has an amazing view of campus and the surrounding skyline.


PAD2014: Day 86

On repeat. 

The arrangement of strings and acoustic instruments in this song is impeccable. 

PAD2014: Day 85

From Empathy Weekbat USC. Our chapter of World Vision Acts hosted an organization called iEmpathize who put on an art/artifact gallery to help students engage with the realities of human trafficking. 


PAD2014: Day 81

Late night train-hopping in Pasadena.


PAD2014: Day 78

It's sad how far back I've fallen in this. I'm still taking photos daily--as always--but have failed to upload them. Part of what I'm learning? Have grace on yourself! Never too late to give it another try! 

Today's photo is my older brother and sister at Santa Monica Beach. They're visiting me for spring break and have made me quite happy.