PAD2014: Day [I've lost track]

Photo taken this past Sunday, featuring my friend looking majestic as she begins an interpretive dance at the Saved By Grace Gospel Choir spring concert.


You know that moment when you finally do something you have been dreaming of doing?

I realize that moment has occurred several times for me in the past year.

The latest, and one of the more significant, occurred today, at the release of Shareful. An app that lets you make your meals at local USC restaurants more meaningful by giving you a way to donate some of your purchase to different non-profits at no cost to you.

I've been working with an incredibly talented and fun team on this, and it is quite a milestone for all of us. One of my teammates presented Shareful at the Clinton Global Initiative last month and we received an award for it. I've been working mostly on design for the app, and in evaluating the social impact of the user, a way for me to combine passions in a way that has a empowering purpose.

Check us out!