The Urban Dictionary defines "Omoge" as "the Nigerian word for a beautiful young lady."

My favorite thing, or one of them at least, about being Nigerian in America means that, in this country of blended origins, I have a unique culture from which I can draw a sense of identity. When I moved here at age five, my thick accent made me the butt of many jokes, but as I've grown [and lost the accent] I've started to lose the hindrance I once felt to "rep" my culture among different crowds.

One way I happily do this is with custom-made dresses from ankara fabric. Like the Aschobi creation above, I have a [growing] wardrobe of cultural couture that allow me to accent my heritage with flair.

Creations like



are just a few styles of the many that other African fashionistas use to express their backgrounds.

So when I start school [USC--Fight on, Trojans!] in the fall, this Omoge will not be afraid to represent her background, while establishing her identity at the forefront.

-xoxo Mo