Since I Last Blogged...

Hi people! I don't mean to blog practically once a month, but it was like "Aargh! there's never anytime!" I really loved and enjoyed all your comments on my last post, as I always do. Don't you just love the love of the blogosphere?!
But, anyhoo, since I last blogged, quite a few events have gone on in my life.

-I turned 16! (May 12th) I should start driving now, but I haven't even learned, yet. I'm not all too eager anymore because...
- I lost a friend/classmate to a drunk driving incident. It definitely opened my eyes and I realized, I have no reason to rush t get on the road. Besides, hopefully, I'll live in NYC when I get older so I'll just take a cab/subway.
-I finished my sophomore year of high school. Which is basically the 10th year, now it's only two more years before I can go to university. (May I toot my own horn and add that I'm an honor student! LOL :)
-I was 2009 Journalist of the Year at VOX (for getting published the most) and I'm gonna be a summer intern! Yay fun summer jobs!
- In one of my last articles for this school years, I stated that I had "big hopes for an awesome summer". It looks that way so far because I went on a morning talk show called "Good Day Atlanta." If you live in the U.S., it's basically one of Atlanta's versions of Good Morning America. Anyhoo, my friends and family were amazingly supportive in the whole thing, they're all like "You're famous Mo!" but not quite yet, I still have many more plans for my future.
This is what it was like

Getting make up done

Chatting with the producer

What's behind this door? (VOX Board Chair)

Getting "mic-ed"

-->Click<-- for the video!

Warning! I will now attempt a style post!
This is a better view of what I wore

While taking these outside pictures, my friend Tracy and I almost got in trouble with a security guard. Thankfully, he was really nice and let us take them.

ps-I'm thinking pretty soon, I'll do a picture post of how beautiful Atlanta is. Add this to your list of vacation spots! Also, I've been thinking of making a few changes to the blog. Anyone up for a link exchange?



Our Class In Fashion Photography

Yesterday in class, we all got a little emotional with the inevitable departure of our seniors. It got me to thinking; it was really sweet how well we all got along, compared to last semester’s class (ick)! I’m glad that those people dropped the class in the beginning of the semester. Like Kristin said, “We’re like a family!” A journalism family that never really got our website finished, but that’s okay because what we learned were life lessons that you can’t put a price on. With all our class discussions, we all enlightened each other at one point or another, and expressed our views in ways much more intellectual than our other schoolmates.
I know you guys saw that at first, I didn’t really interact. Over there on my computer in the corner, off into the fashion blogosphere, lol. But you guys took the time to include me in your conversations and become friends with you guys, and understood my obsession with fashion, photography, etc. and didn’t misunderstand me for not being into hip hop. This class has really been a friendly, open forum where teens got to get into journalism, my passion. And though it’s sad that we must move on, it’s the only way we can grow. Anyhoo… because of my fashion obsession, I’m paying homage to all of you guys by matching you up with some amazing photographs.

Ms. Moore-
I chose this picture for you because it’s bold. Very much like you, the model in the picture commands a presence, similar to the way you do when you want something done. Thanks for teaching one of my favorite classes and making it an assignment to blog, which—as you can see—I’ve fallen in love with.
Okay, so maybe this isn’t a fashion photograph. But this picture reminds me of you because we have the same enchanted imagination. My fellow Tokio Hotel fan, the fairy in this picture is also as fierce as I know you truly are. Thanks for being so awesome and know that I’ll help you through the rest of your high school years, if you want me to.
I chose this for you, not because you wear glasses, but because you seem very reserved. But at the same time, a strong, sensible young man who knows where he’s going in life. You have the type of personality needed to wear something from Jaguar—cool, calm and collected.
I chose this picture for you because the dress’ color is very bright and bold, much like you personality. And your first blogs were the type that one could lose themselves in, if they listened (much like the model seems to be losing herself in the moment). I think you’re cool, funny and just an awesome person to know.
This is for you because you’re pretty bad-a**. Your voice makes you seem like a James Bond-type dude, because it’s commanding, and if you use it wisely, it’ll take you places that require you to look as svelte as this dude. You are smart and laid-back, and have a gifted voice. Own it.
I’ve chosen this for you because the florals in this editorial remind me of your poetic gift. It’s beautiful, unrequited and makes so much sense, it’s vibrant and bold like the flower petals. You’ve always been really cool and I wish we had time for you to teach me some of your awesome videography skills. I think it’s kick-butt awesome that you’re going to SCAD and will be surrounded by people as talented as you are.
I chose this picture for you because the football gear screamed TAREEK! Lol, but seriously it’s an athlete thing. Disregard the thing on the dude’s face. You have a “guiding” aura around you that reminds me of my older brother (Tobi—he went here last year, he was on the football team too.) You seemed like an older brother type, so I’m not surprised that you’re into teaching, which makes you admirable. You’ve been a really cool, level-headed and friendly guy and I’m glad to have met you.
I chose this picture for you because you’re sporty and athletic, but still feminine. Like the model, she’s a pretty girl in a car lot which looks masculine but she still fits in perfectly. I like this picture for you because you have both tomboy qualities and girly qualities which is an excellent balance.
This picture is for you because you’re a male model. Seriously. Go to COACD (on my side listing) and check out some of the modeling agencies listed. Immediately. Cash in on your good looks! But overall, you seem like a pretty cool dude, too. I had another picture in mind for you, because you seem like a bit of a “player” but this one fit. Now go search for your agency.
As you can see, this is a motion shot because you are always in motion and all over the place. Though I scold you often for doing too much, know that it’s because I’m trying to help you become a better journalist. I’ll never understand where you get all your energy, but I’m glad you have it because it means that you aren’t letting school and a busy schedule suck the life out of you, unlike moi. So Keenan, keep on keeping on!

As you can see, I’ve tried to capture the qualities of you guys, but it’s almost impossible to do because you have such strong vibes of your own. Also, thanks for all your well wishes for my 16th birthday on Tuesday. I think we were an awesome group of students. Don’t you?


ps- I know you guys sometimes wonder just what I listen to everyday. Click- This is my playlist.