PAD2014: Day 47

Table Time: an event where we gather to discuss relations and race dynamics within our fellowship. I am truly grateful because I realize there are few to no other organizations at school that really discuss barriers to being a multiethnic community. 

PAD2014: Day 46

Spent the day cooking, updating my hair and hanging out with my mentee! 

Photo of the day 46 shows the before-and-after of a dish I've been wanting to make for a while: roasted sweet potato hash! 


PAD2014: Day 44

This week's Encounter was spent building Caregiver Kits for AIDS/HIV caregivers in Swaziland. It was amazing to encourage the fellowship to stand with people fighting for justice through selfless love on the other side of the world. This chalk drawing represents our decision to partner with them in the fight against the epidemic.

PAD2014: Day 45

Turned Valentine's Day into a night with the girls, exploring art and architecture with LA's "Skyline" exhibition, finally visiting The Last Bookstore and having delicious food! 


PAD2014: Day 43

Meeting up for accountability. The beauty of having multiethnic sisters means that we can encourage and confide in each other, but also get help on Spanish homework! 


PAD2014: Day 42

Outside the USC Fisher Museum of Art, preparing for the opening of our other spring exhibition, "Richard Parker: Poetic Illusions."


PAD2014: Day 41

How I end my artist workshop-bible study-community group: responding through painting and a surprise birthday cake! 


PAD2014: Day 40

PAD2014: Day 37

This photo features responses from our Encounter on justice and the gospel, and how we play a role in bringing God's heart for social justice into a reality. It was a powerful night featuring a lot of artistic responses, more photos below! 
My friend Asha performs to spoken word artist Propaganda in a piece called "Justice and the Gospel," with Duke Ellington and John Coltrane's "In A Sentimental Mood" in the background.

PAD2014: Day 39

Spent the day exploring Old Town Pasadena...I love the city hall there! 


PAD2014: Day 38

Here are the ceramic-laden shoes of Eunhae, a fellow intern at the Fisher Museum. Today was highlighted by bonding with her and Ani, another intern, on one of the first days of our new exhibition being open to the public. 


PAD2014: Day 36

Here is my fabulous boss pictured with the members of Filipino-American acapella group: "The Filharmonic," they were on The Sing Off on NBC! 

The guys were really sweet and extremely talented, one of them goes to USC and is in the same school I'm in! 

The USC Fisher Museum of Art, where I am a proud intern (!), had our opening reception for our new exhibition "Triumph of Philippine Art" and it was wonderful! From delicious catering to a visit from the Philippine Consulate General, it was one of those nights where I literally kept thinking "Ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob!" 


PAD2014: Day 35

Winding down my night by finding new acoustic artists on YouTube. Andrew A Garcia performs "Sunday Morning" in this  screen shot that serves as the photo of the day. I love the passion that these artists put into remixing covers and the vulnerability of uploading their performances online. 


PAD2014: Day 33

My friend Shiku and roommate Steph finally began their impromptu acoustic jam session series for the semester. Brings me so much joy! 


PAD2014: Day 32

Impromptu dance sessions at The Real conference this weekend! 


PAD2014: Day 31

Spending my weekend at The Real, the regional conference for students of InterVarsity's Black Campus Ministries. Photo of the day is of my extremely talented friend, Kemana, performing her original song "Bethesda."