Why Not Do a Little Dazzle?

After a lot of inspirational posts from many a lovely blogger, my senses have now turned to the thought of not being afraid to sparkle. Or at least letting your clothes sparkle. In my Spring fashion review for VOX, I noted sequins and many other glitzy accessories were runway staples. So I thought, why not practice what I preach?
Take a look at these glammed-up editorials. Whether it's a subtle accessory, or the outfit itself, each look inspires dazzle.

from Vogue China

from Flair Magazine

From Dazed&Confused

from Zink Magazine

from Volt Magazine

Let's not forget about the addiction-worthy Balmain!

This last dress makes me wish I was a ballerina

These photos from style.com

While we're on the topic of lovely, shiny things, I stumbled across this contest. A director from the LuShae Jewelry site told me that "The competition is drawn every month and there are no limitations on the number of entries or how long you can remain entered..." The odds seem pretty fair. Why not frost yourself for free? (technically by winning)...

Inspired to Ice yourself yet? ;)
xoxo Mo


Long Time, No Ring

I love this editorial that I found through Mutima. It's by photographer Alice Rosati. The second is definitely my favorite shot. It's not of a depressed girl, but still has a melancholic flair to it that I simply adore.
There's something about that fresh and effortless just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-I'm-still-gorgeous look that certain people can embody, it's an enviable trait that I'm trying to master. Especially the wild-hair-open-mouth expression

Masters of this look:
Coco Rocha

Lara Stone, the one and only, also my latest model-crush

(by Hedi Slimane)

Heidi Mount

Sasha Pivovarova (I love her. She's getting her own post soon ;)

Many, many more that I'm not secure enough too post...
Just playing, but I honestly can't imagine searching for this type of image much too longer.