Journal- 9/30/08

Feel Good Music Pt. 1
Remember those days when you’d turn on the radio and your favorite song was on? Well actually most songs back then could easily become your favorite song because it was all “feel-good” music. As I type this, I’m listening to Donell Jones’s song “Where I Wanna Be” and I can’t help but cheese because I remember being around 6 when this song came out. Whenever I hear it, my mind flashes back to those days when music like this made your heart and head spin, giving you a feeling that “things were gonna get beter”. Not to down current music, but nowadays, I don't get that feeling inside, that feeling that only music made for the soul could really envoke. For the sake of time, I'll stop here, but listen to SOME of the songs I've compiled that go to back then, of course I haven't finished them yet...






Frizzy Girl said...

I like feel good music too.Some songs just make you think of a time or a place or somebody.Yea I know what that feels like too.Good music make you feel good

Jas said...

yes i agree with your blog because i feel the same way. I pick da 90's hip hop and R&B music over the music now.

MR style said...

ps : vinyls arent dead so !! let's enjoy music