(Super) Natural?


It's so great that I can turn this blog into something good because I get a grade for it in one of my classes, so when I'm on the net and my parents complain I can say"hello, it's a grade!" And in that same class I get to write about fashion and style in addition to writing for it at another newspaper. I have so many plans for my section! (or maybe I should say our because I have a partner...) But I'd like to call it the "Jaguar Trend Report" (in honor of our mascot) or the Fashion Fix or something creative
Speaking of fashion in school, Gossip Girl premiered this Monday and (gasp) I missed it because I was out shopping. But whatever, it's whatever. ...But I can't wait to actually see what happens this season because I heard Michael Kors is guest-starring and it would be great to see him on tv besides on Project Runway.I'm obsessed with the dresses and fur coats from his fall/winter 08/09 collection.

During Labor Day weekend, I slept over my cousin's other cousin's house. Even though half the people there were strangers to me seeing as how we're distantly related and the next youngest person there was my brother,almost 19, I felt so comfortable and I had so much fun with them. But one of them told me about this called Blink. He explained that it's great for marketing so I should read it but also, it gives you another way of thinking. Thinking about things like natural phenomena which might seem unexplained, but nowadays it slowly makes sense to me.

This isn't meant to offend anyone because the following events are tragedies and I hope for the best for all victims but
  • Hurricane Katrina- New Orleans (I heard) was like sin city, you know with all the voodoo and the Mardi-Gras x-rated activities, so for something to come and completely wipe out the city, couldn't have been all coincidental.
  • The China earthquake, I don't mean to be a Sharon Stone but what if it was because of the whole "free Tibet" thing...?
Am I right? Am I being a cynic or am I completely off?

Whatever...can't wait for next Monday... : )


Ida said...

That picture of Serena is awesome. I wish I could find similar boots.

Frizzy Girl said...

i dont know if I agree with all that u said at the end b/c not everybody in New Orleans or China did something to cause a natural disaster.Natural disasters are unexpected, and thats no ones fault b/c they cant control it