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Spring Fashion Preview

By Modupe Alabi | VOX Staff

Art by Missa DePeaza| VOX Staff

Though the wide-spreading recession reached Fashion Week runways last February, that didn’t stop designers from sending down hundreds of models in fresh looks for the spring season. From flirty feathers to dazzling sparkles, trends from New York, London, Milan and Paris have walked straight off the runway into magazines, and onto this page of VOX. Here are a few tips to stay fashion forward while maintaining your own sense of style.


Following an elegant and clean aesthetic, many designers used neutral colors, like khaki and beige, in their collections as a complement to the variety of skin tones. Though the colors were simple, the cuts weren’t. Designers like Marc Jacobs had dramatically ruffled dresses, while others shaped flowing fabrics into sweet mini-dresses. Get this look by spicing up khaki pants or shorts with fun gladiator slippers and fitted plaid shirts.


Ever the runway mainstay, dazzling metallic pieces remained a designer favorite this season. To shimmer and shine like the models at Michael Kors and Phillip Lim, wear a sequined top or skirt with a black jacket for a sparkling look without looking like aluminum foil.


Who’s chicken when it comes to taking risks in fashion? Apparently not designers like Jason Wu and Diane Von Furstenberg. This season, the runways featured light, feathery details that bounced as the models strutted down the runway. You don’t have to wear a feathered boa to school (if you do, send us pictures!), but try a miniskirt with feather-like ruffles, like the models at ADAM.

The Boyfriend Layers

Menswear is a girl’s best friend. This season, boyfriend blazers, vests and slouchy pants took over the runways of Charlotte Ronson and Diane Von Furstenberg. This laid-back look consists of oversized blazers and vests over dresses or girly outfits. The design balances out the femininity of your style while adding a touch of tailored perfection. Plus, the added comfort of baggy jeans gives your hips breathing room and, when worn with heels, makes you look chic, a la Katie Holmes.

Little Schoolgirl Chic

The “Gossip Girl” influence was stronger than ever, as designers used back-to-school-ish themes in their collections. There were pigtails and short shorts, and everything from preppy stripes and khakis to knee socks. With these, designers like Anna Sui and Rag & Bone turned their models into stylish students. To get this look, wear a logo-ed blazer over any outfit, or try on a pair of knee-high socks the next time you wear a skirt.

Abstract Prints

Fashion Week always has its yin/yang moments. This spring, the opposite of neutrals are the wildly eclectic prints seen on dresses and tops at BCBG and DKNY. Neon pink, coral and turquoise garments flowed across runways and showcased spring florals. Get this look with flowy maxi-dresses that you can find cheap at mall chain stores.


Denim doesn’t always have to be pants! For spring, designers reworked denim into dresses and tailored suits, and even destroyed and distressed denim for the “fashion rebel” look. From Lacoste to Derek Lam, dainty denim dresses and suit jackets showed the versatility of this fabric. Show your style by wearing a denim dress with a belt and sandals, or cutting up old jeans. Use darker washes for more dressy looks, and go casual with lighter denim.


With structured jackets and camouflage color palettes, designers like Rag & Bone and Marc Jacobs showed their army stripes. Style this look by wearing combat boots; I like them with rock band tees, shorts and even stockings.

Getting Physical - ’80s Style!

Looks like the ’80s fashion revival is here to stay. Designers like Alexander Wang went sporty with headbands and golf apparel, in perfect accordance with the ’80s fitness craze. Work it out by wearing sport sweaters and khaki shorts and even taking a walk and hitting the gym. Good health is always in style!


Orange you happy we have something for the guys, too? Though guys might think this bright color threatens their masculinity, designers like Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo sent male models down the runway and proved that real men can wear neon. If you’re not up for a head-to-toe suit, try an orange tie or sports jacket.
Additionally, I've been tagged by Taj, from HoundDog Man, also a new couture comrade at VOX.

1. Choose runway pictures from ANY season you like and choose 3 outfits for Day, Evening & Party.
2. Briefly explain why and state the name of the designer & which season the outfit is from.
3. Tag 4 other bloggers once you are done and let them know by posting a comment on their blog


This look from ADAM is a favorite because I love the feathery detail on the skirt. I don't know if this is a day outfit, or a party outfit, but I'd probably wear this somewhere I could walk around a lot in. I want people to see the feathers flutter.


This is from Chanel Haute Couture 2009. I picked it because I've been dreaming about it the moment I saw it strut out of a colossal bottle of Chanel No. 5.


This is from Chanel's Resort 2010 collection. Maybe, okay, definitely I'd decrease the sheer-ness of the top, for modesty's sake. But I do love this look, I guess this is more of a high-society style beach party look,

Of course these outfits are subject to change, because I will inevitably come across a look that I'd previously fallen for but have forgotten at the moment. So I'll update this list in a future post. But, anyway, I'm tagging...
Hmm, I guess you will find out as I tag you!

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