Take Me Away...

Though this editorial is a bit old, every time I look at it, I'm inspired to become more of a globetrotter than a jet setter. I'm talking about "Spirited Away", an editorial in Marie Claire's November 2007 featuring Kate Walsh. Though I've always thought of the magazine as a "softer" type of high-fashion magazine, I was really blown away by the inspiring styles, yet thoughtful-almost intellectual locations. I guess you could call it "smart fashion."

"Today’s young traveler takes the high road," it reads. "Forgoing waves in Malibu for enlightenment in Bhutan. Her style? A global mix of luxe fabrics and timeless patterns."

I think this one is my favorite.

How about you? Loving it or hating it? Bored or inspired?

xoxo Mo

For details and image sourcing, go to MarieClaire.com


Currently Craving...Iceberg S/S08

I know this is a few seasons old, but I just realized how much I adore Iceberg's S/S08 collection. The brand's show in Milan a while back opened with the lovely Tanya Dziahileva, and included beauties Coco Rocha, Olga Sherer, Megan McNierney and Behati Prinsloo.

The collection had an interesting color palette of friendly pink, white, gold, black and a gorgeous charcoal gray. My favorite thing about it was probably the short cut dresses and rompers. The type that make your legs look mile-long! My favorites are below,
This one is my favorite, but I think I'd have preferred it in the other gold fabric used in the collection.

This gold fabric. Can you see the dress I'm envisioning?

This looks to be an adorable sweater dress, I love the belt with it

This one with the lovable harem pant trend

This one, the perfect summer romper

(The funny thing about this particular look is that it inspired me to put together an outfit, consisting of this Alexander McQueen black leather blazer and my other current craving- black gladiator heels. The main problem is that its sent me on wild goose chase to find the perfect pair of white bubble shorts, one race that has-so far-been unsuccessful.)
(all pictures from Style.com)

Anyhoo, thank you for all your comments on the last post. They're very encouraging.

One Lovely Blog

Thanks to Sonia from Etrapar , I've been given the "One Lovely Blog" award. Now I must...
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