Here's to the Hottest 50 year old around!

I never thought I'd be jealous of something plastic, even more, jealous of something 50 years old. Well i thought again when i gazed through Nylon's
post of (Kaiser)Karl Lagerfeld designed gorgeous looks for Barbie for her 50th anniversary.

1st I'm kind of jealous at how fabulous those pieces are. 2nd I'm jealous of how she (i should be saying "it" because Barbie's plastic) of how it gets to stand with hottie male model Baptiste Giabiconi (hope I spelled that right).

(That look is very Chanel, no?)

I got my first Barbies early in elementary school for Christmas, right after I moved from Nigeria to the States. It was a Christie doll and a regular Barbie and I remember thinking, wow. They're very much like the supermodels from the GAP ads. Barbie had everything to be envied, including a Malibu Dreamhouse (which i had no clue about, but since she had one, i wanted it. Marketing is cruel, no? lol). Before long , I ended up with one of those life-sized Barbie's, which I used to hide in my closet because it scared me (those blue eyes used to follow me, I'm so serious). One of my hobbies is designing, so I'd try out my outfits on the doll, sewing to the best of my ability, like any designer fits his clothes to a model, I did the same.
I later concluded that Barbie is actually pretty useful: temporarily detach one of her limbs and you have a makeshift baseball bat , perfect for defending you against mean older brothers- my gosh that sounds morbid when I think about it, "detach"-
She serves as great inspiration, an imaginary friend and at the end of the day, an awesome, style-inspiring toy. So here's to the most fabulous 50 year old around-- Barbie Doll!

Click here for the awesome Barbie 50th Anniversary Fashion Show at Fall NYFW

photo credit: colette.fr


Snowfall in the South

I haven't posted in so long ( my computer crashed, I know...*sniff*) but nonetheless, it finally snowed in Atlanta!

My family and I were in church when I looked outside and wondered why someone was throwing paper scraps from the roof...
But it wasn't paper scraps, it was snow!
I live (basically) in Atlanta, where it's typically 70-80 degrees(Fahrenheit) and it only ever snows in March. And as promised March 1st, the thick, fluffy precipitation drifted from the sky and allowed us a day with no school.

It carpeted the earth and blanketed everything else in sight. I had to bring my teddy bear, named Snow...lol, in for the action.

(Before you wonder why a 15 year old has (and still claims) a teddy bear, it's because I won it in a fifth grade winter wonderland trivia game. I also accesorized it, with a tie and a bow [thinking very Gossip Bear] because of pure boredom...)

On March 1st, most fashion-lovers were watching the Milan runways for the best Italian trends, and I was watching snow fall, thinking of what Frida Giannini was going to present for Gucci. Anyhoo... that day was a lot of fun (and gave me a lot of time to revise my paper on Edgar Allan Poe, yay!) and I'm still waiting for the [beloved] snow to melt. You?