Oh, Hello There...

To Myself, by W.S. Merwin

Even when I forget you
I go on looking for you
I believe I would know you
I keep remembering you
sometimes long ago but then
other times I am sure you
were here for a moment before
and the air is still alive
around where you were and I
think then I can recognize
you who are always the same
who pretend to be time but
you are not time and who speak
in the words but you are not
what they say you who are not
lost when I do not find you
Obviously, my presence on the blogosphere has been missing for some time. This absence was not deliberate, but in these months, I set out on a journey of intropsection to find myself, at least before I turn 18 in late spring.
I haven't found what I am looking for.
Instead, what I have found inside this pensive dreamer is faith, passion and an insatiable sense of wanderlust. As I delve deeper into the realms of ...whatever it is that we search for in our souls..., I hope to bring a fresh sense of worldiness to this blog. We all realize fashion is a superficial society, yet we allow ourselves to be consumed by the beauty, the glamour, the manifestation of our self expression and of course, the Chanel.
I'm not stopping my Fifth Avenue fantasies, but adding some sort of cause for us to be pensive about our world. It took this Merwin poem to bring this realization. I wonder what it will bring you...
...xoxo Mo