Journal 12/3/08- Ich Liebe Tokio Hotel...and I don't care what you think

This might sound like a rant but I'm getting tired of people continuously questioning my love for the band, Tokio Hotel. So let me get some facts straight...
the band- in order from left to right- Georg Listing the bass guitarist, Tom Kaulitz the lead guitarist, Bill Kaulitz ♥ the lead singer and Gustav Schaffer the drummer

1. Bill is in fact a boy
2. Bill is not gay
3. Bill and Tom are identical twin brothers, so therefore CANNOT be a couple (this twincest crap has to stop!)
4. Tom is ten minutes older
5. Like I said, Bill is NOT gay, he's a boy just playful and sorta girly
6. Tom is NOT a poser, he just loves hip-hop and chooses to dress that way because that's what he's into, and yes he's quite promiscuous
7. The Band is Awesome and very funny and they desrve all 39 of their awards
8. Bill is actually pretty hot and Tom is a cutie too, actually the whole band is...

No matter what category their put into (Emo rock, German pop, German rock, alternative rock) their music is very real and expresses what a lot of people hold inside. The lyrics to their songs are beautifully put together in both English and German, most of them written by Bill. They make sense of things and enable one to see things in a new light. Listening to them all the time doesn't make me goth nor emo I'm what I'll call "thoughtful"...
Anyhoo, Tokio Hotel is a very good group and not at all a bad influence, I've even picked up a little German listening to them. There are so many haters out there just because people don't understand what they're about or why the band appeals to a lot of people internationally. They make good music and I've often felt like the music was made just for me.

If people would just take the time out to listen to them...



then maybe they wouldn't have so many haters...Tokio Hotel is a really good band ...

p.s. for more on them, check out my review of them in the January 2009 issue of VOX, coming soon to Atlanta teens!