It's Black and White and Chic All Over

It's you (and me) in the new year.

i have (a knockoff of) this necklace

While dreaming (as usual)
of all the things I want
in the new year, specifically
after I watched, for the 20th
Of A
I got a sudden burst of style
inspiration. People constantly
say, "Fashion is dying."
and "Journalism is dying"
but I decided, if that's so,
then I'll just have to resurrect it,
Won't I?

So this is me giving a huge,
finger to all those who criticize
our industry:
{say it with me}

If I want to, I will.

I don't think it matters how hard
it is to get into the fashion world.
It matters how hard a fashionista is
willing to work.

Anyway, I've realized I'm more and more in love with
It's chic, it's feminine, yet edgy. It's
excessively minimal.
Plus its main colors, the main colors in my wardrobe,
and my favorite colors at that,
are black and white.
While watching a show on it's site,
[how productive]
I decided I'd be wearing this dress to my graduation in 2011.
Or maybe,realistically, I'll get a seamstress to sew me a version of it,
couture is not in my budget ;)
Some style collages for inspiration.

Joyeuses fetes!
xoxo Mo

ps- what do you want this new year?