Been Polyvore'n

Two days ago, I finally got my computer back from being fixed after it crashed, unfortunately, I lost all my files, which means I've lost most of my life being that I spend so much time writing and creating pictures and graphics. In an attempt to reconcile myself, I went to Polyvore, figuring that Styling would make me happy. It did! Here's what I came up with:

1. Styling Down The Street
Styling Down the street
Styling Down the street by Mo512 featuring Balmain jackets
This outfit is because I love blazers, and simple items- putting them together makes everything fabulous. I love shorts to show off my legs. I also think a blazer just adds this type of unexplainable chic touch to a look. If I decide to go into fashion PR, I'd wear this on the job.

2. Tiered From Day To Night
Tiered From Day To Night
Tiered From Day To Night by Mo512 featuring Elizabeth and James jackets
This one, i love. It wasn't the exact top I was looking for but it's close enough and its Marc. You can't resist that. I think this can be worn with or without the blazer(which should be open), or with the option of the heels or flats, I actually wanted this with gladiator heels, but it's so typical of me so I sprung for the showy peep toe. If I get to work at Vogue, I'd definitely wear this.

3. Tokio Hotel Tribute
Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel by Mo512 featuring Alexander Wang tank tops
Now, this one I love because the background is of SoHo, my future home. I love it and want to live there because it's artsy and so full of life, like most of NYC. I also like this one because it's my little tribute to Tokio Hotel, my favorite band since I got tired of hip hop. It's very punk rock, and the Alexander Wang tank is just so casual yet awesome, it fits in so well, plus Converse are my new obsession. If I ever get to work at Nylon, this would be one of my daily looks.

But now that I think about it, no matter where I work, I'd wear these 3 looks, because they're so much an expression of my different style which, as you can see, is very basic colored- black, grey and white are my usual colors with something bright every now and then. Haven't posted in a while so, ahhh, this makes me feel so much better...:)
How've you all been?


ryder said...

1 and 3 styling are great! specaily the first. second is , well to be honest: i've seen it too much. but im absoluetly in love with 1.
ah, i dont get polyvore as i dont get myspace. both incredible gadgets!

La Couturier said...

What lovely polyvores! Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! Your comment was too kind =]

La C.

Anonymous said...

balmain is more addictive than cocaine!!!! it should b illegal!

donna AND navaz said...

Wow, these are all great...Love em!

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

Great polyvore combos :-) thanks for the comments too


love the looks!

esther said...

aww that is really really sad about your computer! sounds terrible. but girl you are quite talented with that polyvore styling! glad you feel better.
by the way, i tagged you in a little something...

Daphne said...

i love 3 styling!!!
your blog is getting better! i love it!

Emz said...

I love those polyvores =) You put together great outfits! And yea, I want a pair of Converse too!!

Ida said...

Ah, the first one ROCKS! Hm, as well as the second and the third one:)

Congrats on having your pc back <3


prettyneons said...

Hey , hey
Right I can eye spy at least 7 items I want up there...one being the black blazer, two being the converse (mine are so nasty I need a new pair!) three being that vest top in the last collage...OK yep I think you get the idea HA HA!:)
PeAce & bOwS...

ryder said...

good? :)
sorry, i dint linked you? my bad.

Silvie said...

very creative!!

Kat said...

the second outfit is great!

Couture Carrie said...

Loving these looks, esp. the first one!


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