Who Will Michelle Obama Wear? Isabel Toledo!

Going back to a recent post, Who Will Michelle Obama Wear? the question's been answered:

"First lady Michelle Obama wowed the crowds in a sparkly yellow-gold sheath dress with a matching coat by Isabel Toledo. Always the practical shopper, she topped her outfit with olive-green gloves from J.Crew and green shoes. First daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, strutted their fashion feet in colorful pink and blue coats, also from J. Crew."
-Lili Lidaga of Yahoo News in article "Obama inauguration: Hits and misses"

I'm not going to lie, I honestly couldn't figure out who she was wearing. At first glance from my classroom's crappy TV, I thought it was something from Prada's Fall 2008 collection Because the patterns on the dress reminded me of the guipure lace used by Miuccia Prada. After a closer look, I realized that it couldn't be, the guipure lace had larger accents on it. I'm still practicing my designer recognition (I obviously need to-lol)
From Collages

I'm ready for this "change". I haven't quite caught Obama-Fever like most people I know, but needless to say, I was happy for the family. Barack's dream came true (and the dreams of many others. We were there to witness it. I just pray that with all that he has on his plate (two wars, a free-falling economy, this environmental disaster), President Obama is able to do what he's promised, so we don't all look like fools. I pray that he's wise in making decision's. I pray he's not killed in the process. But most of all, I pray that everything turns out for the better.
In his speech, he said something that worried me.
"...the next generation must lower its sights." He said something before that but that's what got to me. Honestly, at the rate of this economy, who's going to be worried about fashion, my beloved fashion? A lot of designers are canceling their shows and after-parties...

But then he said something that made me happy. "All deserve the chance to pursue their {measure?} of happiness..." Which we do. Fashion can't die or take a break, it runs society ( the second one)...
I pray that the hopeless feelings I experienced earlier don't turn out to be correct. Like I said before, I'm ready for a change.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant, but what do you think of Michelle's choice? Is it just me, or will she look gorgeous in almost anything Oscar de la Renta? (I get that feeling; that she's an Oscar type of woman)


hanna said...

i thought she looked beautiful! i kinda hoped that she didnt wear a matching coat/dress and chose a different pair of gloves...but she looked stunning on screen.

the pictures dont do her justice :D

MiMi4 said...

Michelle Obama has a great since of style compared to previous First Lady's.

I can understand why you don't have Obama fever yet. But it will come into play as the weeks goes by.


ryder said...

i think her choice war right. new era new colors.

Cory K said...

i'm sad to say, i less then liked her outfit choice.
her daughters looks flawless though! (;

Stacy said...

She looked fantastic at the Inauguration.