Look of the Day: Channeling Alexander

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As seen here on Lookbook

I like this look because she's wearing all simple, basic pieces and I think that's a quintessential definition of style. It's something I'd do.

Her inspiration: Alexander Wang Fall 2008, the collection itself inspired by Wang's muse, the off-duty model.

Some clips:

(the second to the right is the outfit she was remaking) I liked the show because of the bold statement of the exposed zipper (1st and second outfits), the color palette throughout the collection and the use of menswear as womenswear. It also had a very torn, worn out "deconstructed chic" feel to it, no? Very fitting for America's current economy.... (i.e. the Recessionista)

The designer and Erin Wasson of RVCA (she's a designer and I think a model too) she styled this show.

some more Model Off Duty looks:
This I found on ShopBop

This-I don't remember where it's from but I like it


Ondo Lady said...

I like the outfit at the top; it is very 90210.

J said...

I like those looks too. Simple chic will always be my favorite style.

To reference your earlier post, I'm obsessed with red now too, but for decor - gonna do my new apartment in it!

nookie said...

love them all!!
i would totally wear them:X

Cory K said...

i love all these photos. thank you for sharing (;

amyw said...

I agree with you! Simple and basic is the quintessential definition of style. And I've always loved Alexander Wang! Thank you for posting these awesome pics!

Rosanna said...

love alexander wang!


sararocks said...

I love them !

Jasmina said...

love the tight jeans :ooo hot