Look(s) of The Day

Outfit(s) I'd wear in a heartbeat, because I truly love them, very my style. Gosh, my legs would look twice as long as they are (and I'm pretty tall for my age). Also I love the pop of color (red which I'm obsessed with right now)and the dark leg wear. Perfection.

As seen here on Lookbook

As seen here on Lookbook


hanna said...

what a cute outfit! you could definitely rock it :D

Choo said...

OMG!Are so long that legs,but very pretty.I wish to have some legs like that.And all outfit is very good and nice.Kiss sis!

June Paski said...

i like this outift is very nice

June Paski said...

can't wait to see ur photoshoot
let me know if u already post it on ur blog

thank you, im glad u like my hair :]