Journal 10/21/08 -15 is the new 21

I guess I'm supposed to write about something worth mentioning but there's honestly nothing I can think of right now. I think the problem is I've got too many things going on and I'm trying to do too much that I can't stop, take a break and figure out where I am. I've often heard that I'm too young to be stressing myself out over things that i don't have to worry about until adulthood. But that's the thing, I'd prefer to worry about them 9the basic things)and get them over with now so in my adult years, i can focus on my career and things i love to do. Of course i'll see inevitable problems like having a family and things like that, but i mean the work that i do. My plan is to be in a full-on career where i hold a powerful position by the time I'm 25, (maximum 30,. I don't want to forget about a teenage life, of course i can do that, but id don't want to be an average teen. I need to be more and do more so i can get further in a short amount of time. I've heard that i'm quite mature for my age yet life's too short to shorten it by speeding things up. My patience could use some work, but it's always like time and i are racing, and even if i take one step forward, time takes two steps.

I'm at a frustrating point where i've fallen and can't grab hold of anything
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Am i losing a race against time?
Have you ever felt like this

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