It's raining,
It's pouring
School is pretty boring
I go to bed
and in my head
are fantasies worth adoring...

It's storming pretty hard in my town, so hard there's much flooding, and people are dead/dying, luckily no one I know is hurt. Earlier today, as I watched twigs drift down the lane from my driveway my mind drifted to fashion week. If I could be THE editor, getting to sit front row at each exclusive presentation of collections, what would I wear? Who would I sit next to? How would I live? So in this dull state that only comes at this time of the school year, I needed something to remind me of what I'm working hard for...

Miroslava Duma (Ryder, this is for you :)

My favorite thing about this Russian fashion editor is her stylish mix of downtown hipster and uptown high fashion-ista, and she's not afraid to take risks and play with proportions. She also seems pretty sweet in this blog from Altamira. I've noticed she wears the latest trends without looking like an obsessed style slave, and she wears them really well for her petite frame. I wouldn't mind sitting next to her at a YSL show.

For more of her style, check out dresslikemira.blogspot.com

Olivia Palermo
I know, so typical, but you gotta admit, this girl knows how to put a look together. I've heard her character was seriously misrepresented on "The City", but I don't doubt she might be a bit catty, but I guess I'll discern that if/when I meet her.
Also, look at her apartment in New York's Gramercy neighborhood, pretty aspirational. La Couturier, still up for raiding her closet? ;)

Randomness (via The Sartorialist)

I have no idea who this young man is, but he looks like he'd make a good partner in couture-crime.

A real glamorous eccentric, Hamish Bowles, may be my future colleague when I one day work for Conde Nast. Don't you just love the "Hehehe, these are dad jeans" expression on his face? Go Hamish go!

Lauren Santo Domingo, another future co-Voguette

My other two partners-in-crime, who would just've come for having Starbucks/ Caribou Coffee (yum!) with me over what shows we've loved so far.

A caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, which always smells like happiness

A white chocolate mocha from Caribou Coffee, my favorite!

Rachel Zoe, the fairy godmother. Her style and personality, plus expertise, are pretty admirable.

But, take a look in the mirror, my fellow fabulous bloggers, because I'm pretty sure I'll see you at the tents, also.

The park (Madison Square, which looks quite circular to me-oh wait, now I see it) I'll strut through on my way home from a busy, beautiful day. A lot of fantasizing, but I think one needs a little whimsy while working as a nice escape, no? It's all aspirational...
-xoxo Mo


loft in soho said...

I looooooooooove Miroslava and Olivia style!!!!!they inspire me.

And my favorite Starbucks coffee is caramel macchiato! Mmmmmmmmmmmm


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous inspirational pics! The one that really caught my eye was the one with the multi-zipper ruffle skirt ~ so fabulous!
Loved this post, darling!


Kel said...

I love love LOVE the tucked in T look with the tight above the knee skirt with heels! Especially with booties. With or without tights, it's all good. I need to put together an outfit with that look myself.
Nice to see another post! :)


atelier said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the Russian editor! I didn't know her! I love Lauren Santo Domingo style! she is really beautiful in person!

Sushi said...

I really love Mirosalva's style! By the way, I am currently having a giveaway at my blog so come by and check it out x Sushi

daisychain said...

Amazing inspiration!

Etrapar said...

I like Miroslava Duma ^.^

Pop Champagne said...

Miroslava is sooo pretty!! Love her smile. Mmm starbucks, heh they got the best hot chocolate!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

She is so petite yet gorgeous, i had seen a few pics of her but never known who she was, thx for helping me!

esther said...

great picks! i'm obsessed with mira. sending love and thoughts your way amidst the flooding...

Anthea said...

Olivia is a crazy lady but I love her style and she is gorgeous! Love the editor too! She is adorable. Great selection of pics :)

Eva Internazionale said...

That photo of Miroslava on the gondola is one of my favorites.

ryder said...

FOR ME!!!??? :D !!! <3

Love it :)) you made my day

i still wanna know more about miss duma (why/when did she swimm out from the crowd... heritage, etc...)

i like olivia palermo. she has beautiful apartment! or it seems.

rachel zoe is a doll. she has great personality!!!

Hugggg for this Mo.

Kat said...

i really like miss palermos style!

La Couturier said...

oh my goodness i thought i was the only one obsessed with miroslava - her style is so unique, so fantastic!

and olivia palermo is amazing, period.

bisous, xx

SCISI said...

i amloving this Miroslava Duma person is she a woman is she a girl? she looks preety teeny but still cute as hell either way. i refuse to admit my crush on olivia on the grounds of jelousy..ha ha i love the apartment but i am as messy as hell so even if i did have it it would be messy and everything would be broken with books and magazines on every surface including the kitchen cupboards. man i kinda half don't want to move out because i prob won't be able to find enough space to accomodate my junk ha:)xx

June Paski said...

I want her balmain jacket >.<


Kandace said...

I'm sorry it's so terrible in your town right now. That sounds horrible. But it's very good that you can separate yourself from the situation and day dream. I agree with you on Miroslava Duma but Olivia Palermo? I did a post on her when I first began my blog, ranting about how I was tried of people with stylists getting tons of fashion cred.

Here's the link if you want to check it out.

Anyway, I also wanted to say that I totally miss you! My boyfriend of 3 1/2 years just broke up and I've been having a really rough time but I'm so appreciative that you have continued to comment even when I've disappeared. So thanks for being supportive, it truly means so much to me.

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

I really enjoyed looking at these photos you posted. It’s very entertaining.

SEO Los Angeles said...

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SEO Los Angeles said...

Fabulous outfits, fabulous people, it’s a fabulous blog. Truly is one of the most inspiring blogs.

AX80 said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Rachel Zoe but I have to agree about Miroslava. What I love about her style is not the fact of how she carries trends but how she wears colors and how there is still some Russian essence in her style. She has a great way of self-expression through her clothing.

diamondsinchampagne said...

LOVE olivia and love miroslava!
So inspirational

Kandace said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Natalie said...

I'm really loving this post, such inspirational photos! LOVE IT, u have a great blog :)



Sylvia said...

I love this post! I did not know who this girl is until now (i've seen here on tons of blogs though) but i admire her fashion and looks! so pretty.

hope you have a great weekend!


Kristin said...

Mira's use of color is epic!

Mimi, Mo, and Jaquice said...


My name is Jaquice and i am writing a story for a high school magazine and I am asking permission to use a photo from your post or if you could tell me where you got it from (denim dress). This is a nonprofit magazine. My email is jaquie2@gmail.com, please respond asap. Thanks

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