Since I Last Blogged...

Hi people! I don't mean to blog practically once a month, but it was like "Aargh! there's never anytime!" I really loved and enjoyed all your comments on my last post, as I always do. Don't you just love the love of the blogosphere?!
But, anyhoo, since I last blogged, quite a few events have gone on in my life.

-I turned 16! (May 12th) I should start driving now, but I haven't even learned, yet. I'm not all too eager anymore because...
- I lost a friend/classmate to a drunk driving incident. It definitely opened my eyes and I realized, I have no reason to rush t get on the road. Besides, hopefully, I'll live in NYC when I get older so I'll just take a cab/subway.
-I finished my sophomore year of high school. Which is basically the 10th year, now it's only two more years before I can go to university. (May I toot my own horn and add that I'm an honor student! LOL :)
-I was 2009 Journalist of the Year at VOX (for getting published the most) and I'm gonna be a summer intern! Yay fun summer jobs!
- In one of my last articles for this school years, I stated that I had "big hopes for an awesome summer". It looks that way so far because I went on a morning talk show called "Good Day Atlanta." If you live in the U.S., it's basically one of Atlanta's versions of Good Morning America. Anyhoo, my friends and family were amazingly supportive in the whole thing, they're all like "You're famous Mo!" but not quite yet, I still have many more plans for my future.
This is what it was like

Getting make up done

Chatting with the producer

What's behind this door? (VOX Board Chair)

Getting "mic-ed"

-->Click<-- for the video!

Warning! I will now attempt a style post!
This is a better view of what I wore

While taking these outside pictures, my friend Tracy and I almost got in trouble with a security guard. Thankfully, he was really nice and let us take them.

ps-I'm thinking pretty soon, I'll do a picture post of how beautiful Atlanta is. Add this to your list of vacation spots! Also, I've been thinking of making a few changes to the blog. Anyone up for a link exchange?



Couture Carrie said...

I remember Good Day Atl!! Congrats on your spot and on your birthday!

So sorry about your friend :(

You look fab, darling!


hanna said...

wow, goodjob for being on tv!!! WOOT!!! congratulations :D

you look great.

ct said...

That's really exciting!You're going to be famous someday. =)

SsstSonia said...

link exchange...me, me, me :))
congratulations as well! xo

BrownieBara said...

congrats dear.. it must have been fun to appear on a show yeah?? and i am so happy for you that u got to be an intern at sucha a tender age!
wanna exchnage links babes?? let me know yeah??


thischicksgotstyle said...

Gorgeous outfit!!
And congratulations with your internship!
Sorry about your classmate :(


Emz said...

Happy bday! Congratulations, and I really like your outfit =) And my condolences for your loss =(

Kandace said...

Wow super cool you got to be on TV. I hate driving too. I tell everyone it's for environmental reasons but it's also really scares me too. On that note I'm sorry about your classmate. That's terrible. Anyway I like your outfit that jacket is awesome.

Pop Champagne said...

oh cool you were on good day atlanta?! That's awesome!! Congrats! and happy belated birthday :)

donna AND navaz said...

Journalist of the year? That is brilliant - bet you were so chuffed! Was the TV show live?

Maverick Malone said...

Happy birthday..so SO sorry to hear about your friend. That is such an insane tragedy :( <3

xox, mavi

prettyneons said...

Oh wow you've a whole new adventure ahead of you, exciting stuff,
I'm sure your going to rock!;)

On another note, so , so sorry to hear about your friend. That is awful, and extremely sad tragic news. xxx
prettyneons X

La Couturier said...

You look like you had a fabulous time!

La C.

ryder said...

i see a great future in front of you beauty.

SCISI said...

wow so cool congrats:)on everything.!!

Sylvia said...

Congrats!! Fab outfit. =]

Sylvia said...

Hey Mo!
You look rockin in those pics!! Gorgeous! I <3 your blog also. Thanks for checking out my blog =]. I will definitely come back to read.

June Paski said...

congrats!!, i know you would be famous ;], and happy belated birthdays!!

ur so cool on those photos, you should take more photos for next post

ps thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog, you made my day :)