Vogue into the New Year, a little Reflection

During my daily read of Fashionista I came across a certain post which led to this:
After reading Cathy Horyn's, The New Yprk Times Fashion Critic, blog-article, "What's Wrong with Vogue?" I felt relieved that I wasn't the only who felt that way. I love VOGUE, and I look up to Anna Wintour as much as (maybe even more) any fashion-obsessed teen. But the truth is, though we love our celebrities (or love to hate) I think it's time we got back to putting models on the cover.
Recently I've been doing something about Vogue also.
This is the very first issue:
September 1916

And September 2016 is coming up faster than you think. (BTW: HAPPY 2009!)

What will they do for that issue?

A) a massive collage of all their issues
B) a group photo of all their current (at that time, of course) editors
C)* put a legendary model on the cover with (gasp) no headlines? just the timeless, effortlessly "en vogue" five letter heading V-O-G-U-E
D)** put a total at-that-time it-girl on the cover, and carry on as usual with a little celebration

Right now, je ne sais pas (French for 'I don't know', very random but I'm trying to remember as much French from school as I can) what they will do but I hope it lives up to the standard that Vogue created for itself as THE number 1 fashion magazine in the world.

Until then, I'll just keep flipping through those socialite-filled articles...

xoxo Mo

* probably won't happen
** goodness I hope it doesn't happen, unless it's like me or something : )


amyw said...

I definitely want more models on the cover. There was an issue of Vogue from about a year ago (I think) with no one BUT models on the cover! Hillary Rhoda, Gemma Ward, Chanel Iman, etc. Despite the fact that I wasn't even old enough to witness it, I miss the "90s Supermodel" era. The same issue of Vogue I mentioned had some musings on why there are celebs talked about everywhere but not models---the conclusion was that all of the tabloids have made our culture more focused on celebrities, but the models are rising once again. I hope that's true :)

amyw said...

By the way, I just discovered your blog and I love it!

Maverick said...

I completely agree with the models/cover thing. I'm tired of celebrity lives...