Teen Vogue Contest

Today, I entered the the Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest. Again. It's only my second, but it happened completely on accident. You see, I hated my first because of the background, so I took another picture with this gorgeous background (its my profile pic, it sucks that it couldn't be bigger). I wanted to get another entry, so I was going to do the tell-a-friend thing and receive one. Well, me being a daydreamer, my mind was on something completely different and I went on auto-pilot as I entered. When the thank-you for entering page came up...I realized, darn* . I did it again. This is it...
Vote for me! Or comment or something, whatever, I just want that photo shoot, maybe it'll help me get into this addictive, bad-for-you, wonderful industry that I can't stop fantasizing about.

*words have been changed to protect my integrity(and to help me stop cursing)

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